Welcome to PayLocal.ie

A Loyalty System to Support Local Businesses.

Paylocal.ie is modelled on the Dutch Florijn, a successful “Complementary Currency”. It is based on interest free Mutual Credit among business members, with the addition of Convertibility with the Euro.

Why Join PayLocal.ie as a Shopper?

By converting Euros to PayLocal, you get a 5% discount on ALL spending with participating businesses.

You get to save, while supporting Irish businesses.

A Complementary Currency to boost your local economy.

5% discount in all participating shops & businesses.

Why Join PayLocal.ie as a Business?

For Businesses, it is also free to join. It is also free to use for business for the first year. After that, a business will pay a maximum of €10 per month.

For this they will get a Loyalty scheme, because customers will seek out participating businesses,

A Loyalty System to Support Local Businesses.

Interest Free Mutual Credit for Business members.

A Business-to-Business Payment & Trading System.

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